Efficient Servers

Our Approach

FireBeard Technologies is all about efficiency. I believe tech should be seem-less in our lives, patiently waiting to be used and ready to go when the demand arises. This ideal scenario seems to come and go but with proper computer maintenance and developing a proactive approach regarding your IT system it can become your norm and make you or your small business run more efficient than ever before. Lets get your computer systems reliable again and keep them there.


The Story

I'm Preston Gross, owner of FireBeard Technologies. Born in Phoenix and raised in Gilbert, AZ. My technical background started at a young age watching and being fascinated by the rise of technology in our daily lives I held onto that feeling as I continued my education in computer systems engineering and later working in the industry specializing in virtual infrastructure. Over my career, I noticed that business ethics and customer support seemed to disappear from the industry. With a passion for tech and a focus on customer service, I started FireBeard Technologies. I strive to bring affordable, honest work to the field so small business owners can protect themselves and their business data and operations.