Is your home computer running? Well you better go catch...wait, probably not since you're visiting this page. (Okay it was a bad joke, I'll admit it)

FireBeard Technologies isn't a comedy club but it is the solution to your malfunctioning PC hard drives or hardware, the pesky spyware/virus plaguing your machine, or a slow-running windows PC. We specialize in bringing simplicity to the technological chaos in your life.

Call FireBeard today, we'll get your computer back up and running.(Maybe then we can revisit the joke)

Home Networking


It could be slow speeds, coverage gaps in your home wifi, or maybe you haven't touched your networking equipment since you took it out of the box... 7 years ago. No judgement! FireBeard Tech can help though with customized solutions to fit your needs.

Virus, Spyware Removal


They usually have no specific target but could be a severe threat to your business, personal information and security. Don't wait and contact us immediately so we can fix and prevent this from happening again.


Data Recovery


Losing your data and files can happen for a multitude of reasons, and is always alarming. Recovery is possible with the right tools and the know-how.

So give FireBeard a call to begin the resurrection ceremony*

*(Don't worry there will be cookies)

Laptop Repair


Loud fans, cracked screens, or anything else that is ruining your Game of Thrones marathon, FireBeard has you covered. Our quick, cost-effective repairs will have you fixed up in no time.


Custom Built Computers


Do you need a rig that is tailored to YOUR specific style? PC gaming, video editing, and any other graphic-oriented program will be a better experience on a custom PC.

(plus we can have ALOT of fun building it)


PC Repair


Your computer should not be the cause of grief in your life! Whether its running slowly, the hard drive is playing you a symphony, or you just have a general anger towards it, FireBeard can help