We take care of the tech, so you can focus on growing your business

Technology can make your business operations easier, helping you get more done with less work. This doesn't mean you need to get the "latest and greatest" for your existing infrastructure to be secure and efficient, but there could be gaps that need to be filled.

FireBeard Technologies critically evaluates your infrastructure and provides cost-effective solutions that fit your unique needs.

Microsoft Exchange


Imagine a painless install of Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange and Small Business Server. Imagine it keeping that "Day 1" performance longer. With FireBeard, it's possible. End-user or server-side, you're covered with quick response times.



Your network is a bloodline for your business. If your network is sluggish, its likely there is some outdated or inefficient equipment causing it, slowing business operations. Call FireBeard today. We strive to create a cost-effective network unique to your needs to keep smooth operations


Office/Home Cabling


Smart cable management can help cooling stay efficient, keeping your equipment lasting longer and business operating in full force. Oh, and its critical to your networks overall efficiency.  Call FireBeard for your cable installation.